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Software : Invisible IP Map 2.7
Invisible IP Map 2.7

ამ პროგრამის საშუალებით შეძლებთ შეცვალოთ ადრესი და მოაჩვენოთ ხალხს ვითომ სულ სხვა ქვეყნიდან ხართ..ვინც ინგლისური იცით წაიკითხეთ და მიხდვდებით ქვემოთ ყველაფერს 

This is a Mask IP software that is used to change your real Internet address while browsing. The software will deliver you fresh anonymous proxy servers every time you decide to click on "Get IP Locations". The main benefit of this software is that you can't be traced when browsing websites. Also if a Web site is restricted for users from specified country the program can bypass that protection. By hiding your IP you will prevent receiving spam from marketers who knows your interests by tracking your IP when browsing websites. Post on bulletin boards without displaying your real IP address

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